At MINDSTREAM School, we specialize in meeting the needs of talented and bright dyslexic students by teaching them to identify and utilize their abilities to solve problems creatively.  We use a whole child approach that integrates socio-emotional development into academic learning.  Our teaching approach is prescriptive, adaptive, inquiry-based, and reciprocal in nature. Teachers and students are continually learning in a bi-directional manner.


MINDSTREAM School is a dynamic, cutting-edge school that specializes in the education of talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences. We address both their intellectual strengths and their learning needs. We utilize creative, multisensory, and research-based programs and techniques to develop reading, writing, spelling, and organization skills; promote a love of learning, and prepare students for the intellectual and social challenges of college and life. Instruction is customized to meet the academic and socio-emotional needs of each student. We use innovative project-based curriculum to achieve grade level standards through scaffolding to meet individual needs. The use of technology is encouraged in a way to complement each student's learning style and enhance their problem-solving capability. Our students also develop an understanding and appreciation of their unique learning style as they become independent and effective self-advocates.  We recruit bright, hard-working students who have an innate ability to solve problems creatively yet struggle with the mechanics of language.  Students are selected who will benefit from the program at Mindstream Microschool and contribute to the life of our school.

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