Program Overview

Teaching and Learning Model

The educational model of MindStream Micro-School is a paradigm shift away from traditional education. The school is viewed as a living, responsive organism that is student, family, and community centered. We believe everyone in the environment is important and has an impact on the community. Our focus is on socio­-emotional development that supports both cognitive and creative growth.

School Design

Our academic work is inquiry-based, dynamic, and follows student interests. Instruction delivered in the classroom and one­-on-­one settings follows a prescriptive and diagnostic model, identifying students learning needs and interests and responding with instruction. Multiple learning channels (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) are engaged throughout the learning process.


Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

We promote a love of learning, and prepare students for the intellectual and social challenges of college and life. The use of technology is encouraged in a way to complement each student’s learning style and enhance their problem-solving capability. Our students develop an understanding and appreciation of their unique learning style as they become independent and effective self-advocates.